2013 Website Redesign

2013 Website Redesign

It retrospect, it was absurd to think that our original design and structure could last forever. Our content grew too fast and the demands for services increased beyond what we expected. But that was the goal— distribute information that people want. So here were are, again, asking for your patience as we deploy our new web site. While we only have about 2% of our content online as of 10.1.08, we expect to have all back issues, a new blog, and media and governemnt relations section online by 01.01.09.

So again, I say thank you for your patience. If there is particular content that you need, please call or email us and we will respond as fast as possible. In the meantime, enjoy the new online content and get ready for our Winter 2008 issue. – I. Reiboldt.


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